AR/VR Research and Development Program for Undergraduates

The UW Reality Lab Incubator is a program to provide undergraduate students with opportunities to research and develop AR/VR technology with broad-reaching impacts. The program is overseen by the Director of Research and Education, John Akers, who works closely with each team to ensure projects can be successfully released to the world.


  • Mentor teams of undergraduate students in the development of novel AR/VR applications
  • Engage undergraduate researchers with the greater UW and Seattle AR/VR industry
  • Allow students to grow their skills before moving on to top AR/VR companies
  • Generate research and applications that continue to be impactful after leaving the Incubator program

Getting Involved as a Student

Are you a UW Seattle student interested in working on a project in the Reality Lab Incubator? Fill out our candidate form and be added to the list of potential candidates we use when we recruit for new projects.

Getting Involved as a Project Holder

Think you have a project that would be a good fit for the Reality Lab Incubator? Describe your project to us and we'll consider it for future student teams.

The Space

The UW Reality Lab Incubator program is housed in a dedicated space for undergraduate teams to work with cutting edge AR/VR devices such as the Valve Index and the Magic Leap One. Project teams have unlimited access to the space to share ideas and test each other's work.

Current Projects

Virtual Tour of the Whaleback Anticline

Creating a virtual tour of a unique strip mine in Pennsylvania with a geological feature called the Whaleback Anticline, a popular location for geology students across the east coast of the United States. Interactive virtual tour stops will allow users to view this difficult to access site to learn about the history and structural geology of the area.

Team Members
  • Max Needle
  • Jacky Mooc
  • Andrew Wang

Emergent VR Gameplay through Different Forms of Locomotion

Experimenting with different forms of locomotion and movement within virtual reality to create new forms of gameplay and reduce the impacts of simulator sickness.

Team Members
  • Rory Soiffer
  • Christie Zhao
  • Eugene Jahn
  • Nini Le
  • Hongjun Jack Wu

Past Projects

AR Dental Imaging

Visualization of optically based dental images for therapy monitoring of dental decay. This project culminated in an article published in a Special Issue of the IET's HealthCare Technology Letters Journal

Team Members
  • Yaxuan Zhou
  • Paul Yoo
  • Yingru Feng

AR Note Taking

Projecting digital documents and images onto physical pieces of paper for note taking and sketching purposes. A spin-off mobile application of this project is available for free on the Google Play store under the name Trace AR.

Team Members
  • Eugene Jahn
  • Dylan Stockard
  • John Akers

AR Bathymetry

Visualizing underwater topography with an augmented reality headset.

Team Members
  • Peyton Lee
  • Aaron Oh
  • Brennan Stein
  • Michael Ji


Please direct any questions about the UW Reality Lab Incubator to the Director of Research and Education or