Changes to the UW Reality Lab Team

We’ve had a major change in our team here at the UW Reality Lab:

In April, Aditya Sankar accepted a position at Apple.  Aditya helped us create the UW Reality Lab from the very beginning and taught the VR/AR Capstone class in 2018. We know he’ll do good things for Apple!

This left a huge hole in our team, but fortunately, we have found a successor:

In October, John Akers joined as our new Director of Research and Education!  John received his Masters from UW in Computer Science & Engineering, focusing on extended reality and user experience engineering, and he worked in the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology, researching accessible inputs for VR.  John has already begun planning our new Incubator space that will open in January, and is reviewing project proposals for it.

2 DIrectors of Research & Education