Virtual Field Geology: How the pandemic turned a small project into an essential academic toolkit

One of our UW Reality Lab Incubator teams expanded their project radically because of the pandemic. What began as a simple, virtual tour for geology students interested in a particular… Read more »

Superfly VR Project “graduates” from Reality Lab Incubator and onto Steam

The virtual reality action game “Superfly” was released on Steam in October and we’re very proud – because the UW Reality Lab Incubator helped it get there! It’s doing well:… Read more »

Exploring Spatial Computing in the Classroom

Awareness of how important spatial computing, distance learning, and telepresence are has accelerated in 2020, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. One exploration of this by the UW Reality Lab and… Read more »

How The Reality Lab Lectures adapted to the COVID-19 shutdown

The Reality Lab Lectures changed this year, but it did not stop. As covid-19 developed into a pandemic, we quickly re-imagined everything as entirely virtual, and went to work making… Read more »

New Benefits from 2018 Paper’s Computer Vision Techniques

Computer Vision techniques from the 2018 research paper, “Soccer On Your Tabletop” continue to be useful to the field. The paper, by UW Reality Lab leadership and researchers, was recently… Read more »