Amazon joins the UW Reality Lab

We’re happy to announce that the latest company to join our Industry Sponsors is Amazon!

They now join Facebook, Google, and Futurewei in supporting our activities and helping shape our future direction through their advice, and their attendance, comments, and votes at our board meetings.

Amazon sends 2 distinguished members to our board of advisors: Walterio Mayol and Wasiq Bokhari.

Walterio Mayol, (Amazon and University of Bristol) Board member to the UW Reality Lab

Walterio Mayol-Cuevas (DPhil, Oxford 2005) is Principal Research Scientist at Amazon in Seattle, USA and Professor at the Computer Science Department, University of Bristol, UK. His work developed some of the earliest wearable computing systems with cameras, and pioneered some of the earliest versions of visual SLAM and its applications to Robotics and Augmented Reality. Recent work includes novel concepts of human-robot interaction, fast Computer Vision methods for scene understanding, algorithms for novel visual sensors and machine learning applications to capture and asses skill visually.

Wasiq Bokhari (Amazon) Board member to the UW Reality Lab

Wasiq Bokhari is a Director at Amazon. Prior, he was at Google, and before that, founder/CEO of multiple startups in sensors and robotics. He is interested in utilizing AR/VR and CV/ML techniques to enable compelling customer experiences. He is a physicist and a mathematician by training, with undergraduate and doctorate degrees from MIT.

Welcome aboard, Amazon!

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